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From the Masters.

The latest from acclaimed writers and poets.


December 2015: Chéri Vausé, "Secrets"

October/November 2015: M.K. Graff, "On Writing Book Reviews"

September 2015: Jessica Goodfellow, "Constraints are Your Friends"

August 2015: Ran Henry, "Hold that Line"

July 2015: Nina Romano, "How to Write an Historical Fiction or Novel"

June 2015: Marjorie Klein, "The Three R's of Writing"

May 2015: Chris Hill, "On the Art of Writing"

April 2015: Joan Murray, "Gimme a Break: On Revision and Line Breaks"

March 2015: Todd Davis, “What Poetry Can Save”

February 2015: David Romtvedt, “Poetry and Intimacy”

January 2015: Jim Daniels, "Keeping Track: the 3x5's"

December 2014: Joan Colby, "Catching a Poem"

November 2014: Myra Schoen, "The Romance of Wine, the Meaning of Grapes: A Personal Reflection on my Writing"

October 2014: January Gill O'Neill, "Staying Open"

September 2014: John Lambremont, Sr, "Mining those Golden Slumbers: the Poetry of Dreams"

August 2014: Joe Clifford, "Building an Author Platform"

July 2014: Madeleine Mysko, "A Good Title"

June 2014: Teresa Mei Chuc, "Dark Corners, Dragon Princesses, Gestation, Trust and Gratitude"

May 2014: Rebecca Tope, "Keeping Up"

April 2014: Joan Mazza, "Writing a Poem a Day"

February/March 2014: Anne Champion, "Sluts, Liars, and Irrational, Overly Emotional, Angry, Needy Poets: Women’s Relationship to Poetry and Craft"

January 2014: Jeannine Hall Gailey, "Feeling Discouraged about Poetryworld"

December 2013: Sandra Rodriguez Barron, "The Art of Detaching"

November 2013: Nina Romano, "The Importance of a Sense of Place"

October 2013: Julie Marie Wade, "The Genre Waltz" 

September 2013: Beth SK Morris, "Poetic Sensibility"

August 2013: Suzanne Adair, "My Time Machine"

July 2013: Timothy Green, "The Mind-Tool: Poetry as Magic"

May/June 2013: Cindy Sample, "Murder and Mayhem: Crafting the Humorous Mystery"

April 2013: Kathleen L. Asay, "It's About Hope"

March 2013: Leonard Nash, "Show me a Story"

February 2013: Anastasia Clark, "Stretching our Poetic Vocal Chords"

January 2013: Anne C. Petty, "Dealing with Rejection"

December 2012: Ginny Rorby, "An Accidental Author"

November 2012: Rosalind Brenner, "The Value of Prompts--and the Bounty of a Great Poets' Group"

October 2012: Paul Graham, "What We Didn't Know We Knew: Urgency, Mystery, Fiction"

September 2012: Mariana Damon, "Working through to the End"

August 2012: M.K. Graff, "The Challenges of Setting a Novel in a Different Country"

July 2012: Jane Ellen Glasser, "Poetic Inspiration: A Failed Attempt at Disrobing the Muse"

June 2012: John Dufresne, "Lefty"

May 2012: Kate Flora, "Writing Cops Right"

April 2012: Melissa Westemeier, "Never Give Up"

March 2012: Nina Romano, "Pronunciamento"

February 2012: Laura Smith on "Rejection"

January 2012: Norma Watkins, "A Page a Day"

December 2011: Michael Hettich, "Awake Before Dawn"

November 2011: Ray M. Wong, "Passion, Persistence, Publication"

October 2011: Maggie Mendus, "In Praise of Poetic Structure"

September 2011: Mary Jane Ryals, "On Writing"

August 2011: Gianna Russo, "My First Time"

July 2011: Barbra Nightingale, "My Story (Or How I started Writing in an Effort to Sleep)"

April/May/June 2011: Joyce Sutphen, "Poems into Poems"

February/March 2011: Leslie Goetsch, "All I Need is a Little Help From My Friends"

January 2011: Pauline M. Spatafora, "Why I Write"

December 2010: Libby Jacobs, "Three Books that Influenced me as a Writer"

November 2010: A.D. Winans On A.D. Winans

October 2010: Laura Valeri, "What You Don't Know May Hurt Your Writing: The Ever Elusive Fairy of Research in Fiction"

September 2010: Meri-Jane Rochelson, "Reaching the Reader in Scholarly Non-Fiction"

August 2010: Elisa Albo, "Growing your Eyes"

June/July 2010: Timothy Gager, "The Truth in Fiction and Why You Always Hurt the Ones You Love"

April/May 2010: Lynn Bonasia, Summer Shift

March 2010: Connie May Fowler, How Clarissa Burden Learned to Fly

February 2010: Meredith Cole, Dead in the Water

January 2010: Vicki Hendricks, Fur People: A Lost Scene

December 2009: James Brock, on creating The Sunshine Mine Disaster.

November 2009: Les Standiford on "The Necessary Invention of Christmas"

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